1983 - Solvice is born.

1984 - Luno is born. Solvice's age is 1.

1997 - Luno unleashes Game Overs upon the world. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 are completed. Solvice's age is 14, Luno's age is 13. 

1998 - Level 4 is completed. Solvice's age is 15. Luno's age is 14.

2000 - Solvice establishes the Bureau for the Prevention of Death Via Game Over. Solvice's age is 17. Luno's age is 16.

2002 - Solvice successfully apprehends Luno, ending the reign of the Game Overs. Solvice's age is 19, Luno is deceased at age 18.

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