Video Game Caper 2 (Original)

In Video Game Caper 2, Sproce (Then internally named East Sempro) is the first place that Roger, Odessa and EnCLaVe visit. They remark that it's "flushed with life" and would like to "visit some stores". In East Sempro, they visit the two buildings, one of which reveals that Sinisto is plotting to wipe everyone's memories, specifically those of people who play video games. Upon leaving, Roger, Odessa and EnCLaVe destroy one transmitter and move back to gm_bigcity, where the journey continues.

Video Game Caper: Revision 1

See Codename: Video Game Caper and omit the prologue, it's almost the same thing.

Codename: Video Game Caper

In Codename: Video Game Caper, Sproce plays a much larger role. Sproce is the location of the inn at which Roger is staying, to keep an eye out for his family. 

The game begins in Sproce, with Roger telling about his family's migration to Puraeon, as well as a flashback to it. Sproce appears in the prologue as a vast forest. 

After the prologue, Roger gets into bed and sleeps for a little while, until he is awoken by screams in the distance. Worried about his family's safety, Roger rushes from bed and leaves the inn, and into the storm that was waiting for him outside. He runs into a frantic Odessa, who tells Roger that his best friend EnCLaVe has been kidnapped, and locked into a dungeon on Novan Road, where the two live. However, they cannot enter the dungeon until they burst through it, as it is locked tight. Nothing else has been figured out.


  • Sproce's original name was East Sempro.

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