"Not today, brother!" - Solvice to Luno.

"Hey, thanks, man, things are really difficult in these troubled times." -Solvice, after a man gives him five dollars.

"I'm going to make KFC out of this chicken." -Solvice, referring to a chicken.

Solvice Mapelhorn is the main character and primary protagonist of T.T.F.N. and T.T.F.N. 2, though each game has its own unique version of Solvice.

T.T.F.N. 2 - Solvice Mapelhorn

"This is the story of a man named Solvice. Solvice is a heterosexual male who lives in Egypt. He plays a lot of video games, but isn't good at them at all. His brother Luno is constantly picking on him. All was well for Solvice until one fateful day in 1997..." - T.T.F.N. 2's intro.

T.T.F.N: The Definitive Edition - The Game Instructor

In T.T.F.N: The Definitive Edition, canonically, Solvice obtains nine win conditions and then interacts with the red treasure chest. Following this, Solvice encounters an error, leaving him trapped within a Game Over for eternity. However, as seen in T.T.F.N. 2, T.T.F.N's Solvice was offered a position by Lokigred, which therefore allowed him to create his own world from the world he was stuck in, but he could only watch it from a computer screen at his location while the events unfolded. From this point forward, he became known as the Game Instructor (G.I.). G.I. was eventually driven mad by his lack of control over his creation (after Luno escaped and returned to tell T.T.F.N. 2's Solvice about what lays outside the game world, and Solvice unexpectedly killing his brother rather than apprehending him as his story foretold, spiraling his world into a glitchy mess), and eventually tries to kill T.T.F.N. 2's Solvice. After T.T.F.N. 2's Solvice refuses to die, G.I. is defeated and the code that remained of him was scattered throughout the remains of his game world.


Solvice. Enough said.


  • Solvice's character was literally the final addition to T.T.F.N. Throughout the entire development (which took two days), the character was the default RTP main character, Eric. 
  • Solvice's favorite anime is gdgd Fairies.
  • Solvice was chosen as a character in a Dangan Ronpa themed RP.