Scarlet is a party member in Codename: Video Game Caper and replaced El Fuego Caliente from the original Video Game Caper 2 throughout the course of the development of the "VGC1+2" remake. Scarlet's father Reo was a scientist, and constantly performed experiments on Scarlet and her brother. The result of one of these experiments gave Scarlet the ability to involuntarily teleport via her dreams. In her first dream, she sees Odessa, who insists that she go to Surcelon to find him. In one of these experiments, her brother was killed and Scarlet, fed up with her father's experiments, told him she was leaving home. Enraged, Reo knocked Scarlet unconscious, causing Scarlet to dream of the Nesurion Desert, where, upon waking, she was unwillingly teleported to. 

She ventures through the Nesurion Desert and into Surcelon, where, instead of meeting Odessa, she meets Sinisto, who promises her great power if she joins his cause. Power hungry, she reluctantly agrees, and thus begins her branch of the story.

Her beta name was Mandy.

She will first appear in Codename: Video Game Caper - Scarlet Prologue.

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