Roger McDonald
Character Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Originally From Video Game Caper: Origins

Roger is the main protagonist of Codename: Video Game Caper and all of the previous versions of Video Game Caper.

His name was Asshole through the entire development of Video Game Caper (named Garry's Mod) and most of the original Video Game Caper 2 development before its cancellation. Toward the end of development of Video Game Caper 2, his name was changed to Roger, and through the first iteration of Video Game Caper made in RPG Maker VX that was meant to join the stories of the first two games, as well as the first iteration of Codename: Video Game Caper, which was made in RPG Maker VX Ace, his surname was McDonald.

For the development of Puraeon: Episode 1, Roger's surname was changed to Elbertson.