Prematon is the biggest collective city in Puraeon, and houses most of the major events in the entire Codename: Video Game Caper and Codename: Downfall of Steam universe. In the 1800s, the only thing to reside in Prematon was the castle of the king of Puraeon. In the early 1930s in the preparation for the first Earth humans to arrive on Puraeon, a large portion of the Forest of Wonders was cleared out, and tents were set up for the humans to live in. Post-war, the castle was destroyed, as Syndrox was killed and the Puraean hold on the world diminished. As of 2010, its only notable resident is Doran, great grandson of Renaldo, who, in the later 2050s, moves to New Prematon Island, and sets up shop there.

Location Info
Game Codename: Video Game Caper
Music Field3 (VX)

Codename: Video Game Caper StorylineEdit

  • 1933 - The McDonald family moves into a cabin on the Prematon Beach
  • 1935 - Roger is born.
  • 1938 - Julietta is born.
  • 1942 - Oscar is born. 
  • 1956  - Roger and Louise are married.
  • 1968 - Roger kills King Syndrox.
  • 1970 - Roger is kicked out of his house by his brother Oscar, who is sick of the attention the family is receiving.
  • 2006 - Roger returns to Prematon Beach to find that his sister has been killed.

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