The level select is a feature in T.T.F.N. 2 which allows the player to replay levels they have already played. It is a very experimental feature. It still requires playtesting. When complete, it will be implemented into the B.P.D.V.G.O., in the room to the right of Solvice's base house.

The level select shuts off all switches pertaining to the level, sets all variables dependent on level completion back to their defaults, and removes all items pertaining to the level (Level 4 only). It's an EXPERIMENTAL feature, and will probably be released as such. If any bugs are found, they will be patched after the game's release.

After the player beats the game, it will turn on a switch that makes it so when you beat the level a second time, it will return you to the Level Select in the Bureau. 

Solvice's face graphics will revert to their old graphics when he has speech events while replaying levels. This will not be fixed.

Most secrets not attained when playing the game the first time will also not be available. This will also probably not be fixed.