Level 3 is the third level of T.T.F.N. 2. It takes place in Antarctica. Its unique quality is that it has two separate rooms, the Ice Cave and the outside world.  Level 3 takes place on December 24, 1997. It is interesting to note that on December 25, 1997, the day where he meets up with Luno to fight him, he does not, as Luno informs Solvice about strange happenings about, and then escapes with his failsafe.

Level 3 appears once more during the Final Chapter, where Solvice is tasked with finding Sparrow Trunk to get the key to the library. In this iteration of Level 3, there is no access to the Ice Cave. In fact, all the evidence of the Ice Cave ever existing is removed. Solvice will note this if he walks to where the Ice Cave used to be.

Level 3 was the only level to require being completely redone after a hard drive failure at the end of 2013.