Level 1
Location Info
Game T.T.F.N. 2
Music labyrinth (RM2003)
town3 (RM2003)

"Well, you caught me. Let's fight about it then." - Luno to Solvice in the opening chase of Level 1.

Level 1 opens with Solvice chasing Luno down a grassy path on a narrow ledge. Solvice fights Luno, but Luno escapes via his failsafe.

Level 1 itself is an exact duplicate of T.T.F.N. 1's main level, with a few very minor changes.

After beating Level 1, Solvice fights Luno once again in Egypt, where he once again escapes via his failsafe, and the player is returned to Egypt, where the player may now access Level 2. Level 1 takes place on August 30, 1997.

Differences from T.T.F.N.

  • There is a secret in the level which did not appear in T.T.F.N.
  • The music is remastered.
  • Originally, the 8 rats were replaced with 1 slime. However, this was changed to stay consistent with the first game.
  • The Game Instructor's opening dialogue.
  • Various glitch fixes.
  • Uses all hard switches instead of self switches.
  • Saint Anthony's Horse (the horse that turns the UI blue) now stops the player instead of allowing them to walk.