Health Chargers are the form of healing in the Video Game Caper (Garry's Mod version) series, as well as Codename: Video Game Caper and Video Game Caper: Origins.

All health chargers were originally inspired by Half-Life 2's wall charger. The original description for the Portable Health Charger was something along the lines of "Half-Life 2's health charger. Now portable! Restores all HP."

The plan in Codename: Video Game Caper is for these items to be a rarity, so they will probably do the same thing that they do in Origins. 

Video Game Caper: Origins (1.3+)

Health Restoration Table
Item Restoration
Portable Health Charger (Origins/C:VGC) 250 HP
Super Extreme Health Charger 100% HP
SuperFreaky Health Charger

100% HP All Party Members

Portable Health Charger (VGC 2010 Mode/VGC2 2011 Mode)

999 HP

Super Extreme Health Charger (VGC 2010 Mode/VGC2 2011 Mode) 100% HP

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