This is a list of abbreviations used on the wiki.

AKECoS - Downfall of Steam 2010

BGC - Board Game Caper

BGC2 - Board Game Caper 2

C:DFoS - Codename: Downfall of Steam

C:VGC - Codename: Video Game Caper

DFoM - Downfall of Mist

DFoMSCE - Downfall of Mist: Supreme Cool Edition

MVSC - Mrs. Votto's Shopping Center

OtA - An Ode to Abe

RP - RolePlay: The Game

RP2 - RolePlay 2: The Game

SCH2 - Super Crystal Hunt II

SCH2013 - Super Crystal Hunt 2D 2013

TtC - 'Twas the Downfall

TtD - 'Twas the Caper


TTFN2 - T.T.F.N. 2

TTFN2RPE - T.T.F.N. 2: Release Party Edition

TTFNSS - T.T.F.N.: Save Solvice

VGC:O - Video Game Caper: Origins

VGC:O11 - Update 1.1 for Video Game Caper Origins

VGC:O12 - Update 1.2 for Video Game Caper Origins

VGC:O13 - Update 1.3 for Video Game Caper Origins

VGC2 - Video Game Caper 2 2010

VGC2010 - Garry's Mod Video Game Caper

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