Doran's Shop appears in every Screwdriver Tree game to date, either as part of the main story or as an easter egg, except T.T.F.N. due to it only having one level and items being mostly obselete, although he as a character does appear in Level 2 of T.T.F.N. 2 and his shop appears in Level 4, albeit briefly and you can only buy one thing. It also does not appear in Video Game Caper (Garry's Mod Version) or Video Game Caper 2. The only game released yet not to have Doran in it is T.T.F.N. 

Doran's Shop originally appeared in the first version of Downfall of Steam, and has appeared in Video Game Caper: Origins.

Games Doran's Shop appear/will appear in include:


  • Doran's Shop is one of the only features in-game to have its own original track written specifically for it, doranshop.mid, based on a piece written in WarioWare D.I.Y., the Doran Rock, which also itself appears, in the form of a midi remake, in Video Game Caper: Origins, when Doran appears at the end of the game.