Doran owns and operates Doran's Shop, an interdimensional shop that runs in almost every Screwdriver Tree Universe, except T.T.F.N., although he does appear in T.T.F.N. 1.1 on the Steam Workshop (for those who have RPG Maker VX Ace.) He appears very briefly in T.T.F.N. 2, in Levels 2 and 4. You may shop from him in Level 4, though he sells only one item. Doran was born and raised in Puraeon by Constance, along with his sister, Darla, who mysteriously vanished one day.

Doran will be able to encounter almost all of the protagonists, including Roger McDonaldSolvice, Diego, KidOdessa, EnCLaVe, Scarlet, RosalindAbe, JeremyMr. D, Jollae, Sparky, Trip, Sam, Tim, and non-Screwdriver Tree characters Tarcar, Douglas, Jordan, Fag, and Tyresha, and non-canonically, EvALcNe.

There are plans for the creation of a game in which you play as Doran.

Doran was born in Puraeon to Constance and an unnamed father. Doran came from a poor family, and grew up with his mother and older sister, Darla, in a tent in Prematon. Doran was an extremely happy child and showed an interest in owning his own shop from a very young age, as to be shown in Codename: Video Game Caper. When Doran was teenager, Doran's sister Darla went missing, which was devastating to him, and the first time Doran ever felt emptiness. When Doran discovered that his sister was travelling through dimensions, Doran has been stopping at nothing to try to find her, but to no avail, because Darla's appearence constantly changed.

Doran sets up shop anywhere he can for a profit, most of which he uses to fund his expensive interdimensional trips to find Darla. He is apparently aware of his existence in a video game universe, as he says so in Video Game Caper: Origins, both in his shop and after the player defeats the final boss, when Doran says that he was "told" that the game was obselete. Doran has an underlying darkness to his character that is yet to be fully planned/understood. Doran is an interesting character in that his appearence is always canonical and always in a certain timeline, and he is the only character that provides a link between every single game in the Screwdriver Tree universe. He is one of the most important characters in the SDT Universe.

Doran is the only character whose story is developed through more than one series of games. (VGC, DFoS, TTFN, SCHII, SDT Episodes)

Sometimes, in CVGC2 and CDFOS, there are large amounts of time when Doran is not in his shop (implying that he's in another dimension). 

Doran's ability also extends to time travel.

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