'Twas the Caper is a Christmas-themed game based in the Codename: Video Game Caper iteration of Puraeon, where Odessa and EnCLaVe venture to save Santa Claus
  • Odessa and EnCLaVe's bedroom in the original 'Twas the Caper.
  • Novan Road in the original 'Twas the Caper.
  • An area from some other game.
  • Sharing the spirit.
  • The North Pole in the editor in 'Twas the Caper: Redux.
  • Prematon in-game in 'Twas the Caper: Redux.
  • Novan Road in-game in 'Twas the Caper: Redux.

The most recent version starts the player as Boner, the HaWKe family dog, finding his way to Odessa and EnCLaVe's house. It then shows a cutscene inside their house with EnCLaVe fetching a rotisserie chicken from the fireplace and placing it on the table. The game has gone no farther in development than that.